So how does it work?


Solar Impact developed a program in 2014 to support the Alachua Conservation Trust (ACT) by funding the planting of trees at the Little Orange Creek Preserve in Hawthorne, Florida.  Solar Impact plants 500 trees for every residential solar installation and 1,000 trees for every commercial solar installation.  While Solar Impact and Swamp Head were working together to make Swamp Head the first solar powered brewery in the Florida, they discovered that they were both supporters of ACT, but wanted to do more.  They discussed the possibility of doing something together to support the ACT.

    And Tree Fest was born — an annual event to be hosted at Swamp Head around Earth Day and Arbor Day each year.  Tree Fest celebrates the environment by raising money to plant trees with the ACT.  The event will host community organizations, food trucks, family-friendly activities from 12pm to 5pm, and - of course - Swamp Head beer.  Five trees will be planted for every beer purchased during Tree Fest.  Trees will also be planted for other food and drink purchases.  Funds raised through sponsorships will add to the number of trees to be planted.

    We are grateful for the many people and companies that are coming together to sponsor and participate in this event.  We would especially like to thank Parisleaf (who is also an ACT supporter) for developing the branding and identity for TreeFest.